Wes Welker Weighs In On New Receivers

Wes Welker

VIDEO: Fox Sports caught up with Wes Welker to talk NFL Draft, the new receivers in Foxboro, the new uniforms and more

Welker On Fox Sports with Brian Webber

On How his position has evolved
On on people being to run the ball or pass it, teams that do really well can do both.  I don't htikn you can just stick ot one thing.  You have to be ablt to do both., and that's really kind of key.

On adding Brandon Lloyd
I thikn the more good players you can have on the team - and brandons' definalite one them -- the better off everybody's going to be. The more good people you can add, the better.

Advice for players who aren't Drafted
You just have ot keep working hard, no matter where your drafted or how your taken, hard work at the end of the day can give you a chance at least to gettign out there on the field. And that's the key, kind of what you have to do.  I thikn it's definately something young guys really need to make sure that they do to give themselves the best opportunity to try to make a team.

On New Uniforms
I like them a lot. I think Nike's done a great job with all the uniforms and everything else and done a great job of trying to put everything together.

Here's the entire interview:

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