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Camp Whispers

Camp Whispers

The beauty of Camp Whispers is that no formal lead is required. You begin rumor mongering now... Funny thing about Dante Brown in this enlightened Internet age is how an undrafted rookie can become old news before his first carry. But then you listen to a post-game analyst say "Nobody in the media knew who Cowher was talking about" and you sarcastically say to yourself, ‘Now there goes another satisfied ESPN Radio listener... The sleeper on defense we mentioned also played well. His name is ...

... Russell Stuvaints. The strong safety from McKeesport made a couple of hard hits in the game and further ingratiated himself with the coaching staff. The 6-foot, 208-pounder played linebacker in a 4-4 at Youngstown State, and he hits like one. Stuvaints now has to show he can drop, backpedal and cover like a safety. That would put him on the practice squad over Erik Totten. ... Yes, it appears... Recommended Stories

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