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Draft Series: Tight Ends

The Steelers made Jay Riemersma their top free-agent signing last year because of the threat he posed down the middle of the field.<p>Tall and fast,Riemersma, a tight end with 53 catches in 2001,would split the deep middle of the cover-2 defenses that had begun popping up as a defense against Plaxico Burress and Hines Ward.<p>The plan worked brilliantly - for one game.<p>As the draft approaches, the Steelers must decide whether Riemersma's injury-plagued season was a sign of decline or bad luck.

Riemersma made only 10 catches last season, and two of those occurred in the opener. One was a 20-yard touchdown reception, which set up a 28-yard touchdown pass to Ward on the next series. The Steelers rolled past the Baltimore Ravens 35-14 and the offensive coaches were ecstatic about the form the offense was taking. But then Riemersma, who'll turn 31 in May, was saddled with a series of...